Marianne in Firenze

9 Weird Things That Happened When A Mom Travels Without Her Kids

I have been blessed with two healthy boys and I have nothing but adoration for them. I am also lucky that I get to take care and raise my own children, I mean like 24/7. I am truly and utterly grateful.

However, I am not afraid to admit that I do have some bad days when I just want to run away from home or lock myself in the bathroom because being with your kids 24/7 (with limited help) can drive you a little ‘loco’. So when one of my best friends Andini, who lives in Jakarta asked me to meet up with her in Italy this summer, I thought I should make this happen so I can have a real mommy-break.

After organizing the logistics and getting full support from my husband, my mother and booking a babysitter a few months in advance, I was all set to go. Plus I could easily get round-trip flights to Italy using miles which worked really well with my budget.

(PS: The babysitter cost more than my first class ticket)

Here are the weird things that happened when I travel for the first time in what feels like a very long timewithout any of my kids:

1. It was weird that the only heavy lifting I had to do was to lift my carry-on luggage

2. It was weird that I could sit in an airport lounge without having to worry about my toddler who might fall off the couch

3. It was weird that I could watch in-flight movies from the beginning to the end in one sitting

4. It was weird that I could eat so leisurely without having to feed or cook for anyone else

5. It was weird that I could take naps during the day

6. It was weird that I could wake up at whatever time I want without getting kicked or slapped on the head by roaming little hands and feet

7. It was weird that I could take longer showers

8. It was weird that I didn’t have to deal with any house dramas

9. It was weird that I couldn’t kiss my kids goodnight10.

It is NOT weird how I miss them so much and now (as I’m writing this from Firenze Airport), I can’t wait to go home and hug my babiesIf you’re a mama and haven’t had any real break from the moment your child was born, I hope you can be as fortunate as I am and get an opportunity to recharge yourself again.

Marianne in Capri

You will immediately feel guilty on the very first day (from the moment you leave the house) but it does get a little easier especially knowing your child(ren) are in good hands.

Taking a vacation for yourself doesn’t make you a bad mother, it just makes you human. Remember it is always tougher for the mom than it is for the kid…

Thank you my dear husband for allowing me to do this (and use your miles)! xoxo