Flying to Los Angeles from Singapore is 50% Cheaper Than Flying from Jakarta.

Finding the right flights and airfares can be a real fun exercise if you know where to look.

While I was searching for flight options for family members in Jakarta who are planning to spend their upcoming July break (celebrating Lebaran / ‘Eid’) in the States, I came across some pretty great deals on flights coming out of Singapore to Los Angeles (LAX).

One simple and very useful tool is using Google Flights where you can compare fares between different dates, routes and airlines almost instantly.

The fares originating from Singapore to Los Angeles can go as low as USD 771 (round trip!) in Economy, while the lowest fares originating from Jakarta to Los Angeles round trip is USD 2,202 in the same class.

It is almost 3 times more expensive even though a round trip cost between Jakarta to Singapore can go as low as USD 154.

Round-trip airfares SIN-LAX (Depart: 1 July 2016, Return: 10 July 2016)

 Round-trip fares CGK-SIN (Departs: 1 July 2016, Return: 10 July 2016)

You might as well purchase separate tickets for CGK-SIN leg and SIN-LAX leg and it will still cost you less than USD 1,000 for the entire itinerary – when choosing the lowest airfares available.

The most popular airlines for routes from Asia to United States’ West Coast are EVA Air (via Taipei), All Nippon Airways / ANA (via Tokyo), Japan Airlines (via Tokyo), Asiana Airlines (via Seoul), Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong) and Singapore Airlines (via Tokyo).

Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines’ airfares are generally a lot more expensive than the other operators though.

One notable airline is United Airlines who will be launching it’s first non-stop flight on June 3rd, 2016 between Singapore and San Francisco on their 787 Dreamliner.

This option can come in handy as round-trip prices for SIN-SFO in economy can go as low as USD 1,015 or USD 1,220 for a round-trip to LAX.

 One sample round-trip fares SIN-LAX with ANA (Departs: 1 July 2016, Return: 10 July 2016)

 Sample round-trip fares CGK-LAX with ANA (Departs: 1 July 2016, Return: 10 July 2016) – Price is DOUBLE for the same cabin!!

 ANA Economy Cabin on 777-300ER

While Economy seats originating from Singapore are a bargain, the next level up is to fly Premium Economy which can cost between $2,138 with EVA Air, $2,843 with ANA or over $6,000 with Cathay Pacific  for the same dates (PS: I would never pay Premium Economy for $6,000 where you can fly Business Class for a lot cheaper).

On some days though Cathay’s Premium Economy is generally comparable to EVA Air, ANA or JAL (just happens that on the dates I selected their prices have gone beserk).

 ANA Premium Economy Seat on 777-300ER

Business Class SIN-LAX round trip with ANA starts from $4,839 and $4,867 with Japan Airlines.

If you’re thinking about flying in First Class, you will find nothing less than $9,000 for a round-trip fares.  JAL Business Class Sky Suite

If you haven’t planned for any trip this year, Los Angeles is always a great idea! =)


Hollywood Hills (photo credit: NY Times)