The ‘Private Jet Experience’ for only $109

On April 19, JetSuite, a private jet charter company based in California will launch it’s first scheduled flights operating as JetSuiteX between Burbank Bob Hope Airport in Los Angeles and Concord Buchanan Field in Oakland, San Francisco.

These airports are normally used only for private chartered jets and private flights. JetSuite currently operates 19 aircrafts of 4-passenger private jets and 6-passenger private jets that are costing from around $6,000 for a 1-hour charter, departing at whatever time of the day you want of course.

Here’s a sample of actual flight pricing (for Non-Members) from their website if you wish to charter the entire jet to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco (one-way):

 JetSuite Interior on CJ3 (6-seat passenger private jet)

The new JetSuiteX that will be launched in a few weeks will operate on Embraer 135s jets that have been reconfigured into a luxurious 30 passengers seat, with a 36-inch seat pitch similar to flying in a First Class cabin on other existing US Domestic carriers.

Here’s how they describe their On-Board Experience on their website

With JetSuiteX, we have created an unparalleled travel model that is enhanced b your superior onboard experience.

JetSuiteX offers all the best of private air travel such as:

  • Flight attendant service
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Business class legroom
  • Soft private jet interior
  • Extra soundproofing
  • No overhead storage bins for a more spacious cabin
  • Free WiFi onboard
  • Free inflight entertainment
  • Power outlets at every seat
  • Complimentary gourmet snacks, beverages, wine and spirits

JetSuiteX Interior – 30 Business Class Seats (photo:

On top of that you will fly from the Private Jet Terminals, which means no long TSA / security lines, you can come to the airport 30 to 45 minutes before the flight.

And you will only be sharing the flight with 20 something other passengers (if it was full).

Now the highlight is their very competitive pricing in comparison to other major airlines currently operating the same route:Only $108.59 for 1 Adult (One-Way) from Los Angeles to San Francisco!

You also have the option to charter the entire 30-seat passenger plane for $8,000 which comes down to about $300 per person, not such a bad idea to take the entire extended family for a fun family vacay or maybe a bachelor’s party?

JetSuiteX has also announced they will be extending more routes to Las Vegas and San Diego.

West Coast, they got you covered!

I honestly have never been a huge fan of flying private jets simply because the size of the plane that terrifies me a little.

However, since JetSuiteX will be operating on the E135 currently flown by American Eagle as a commercial airline this doesn’t sound like a bad option at all.

Especially how they have reconfigured the commercial passenger cabin into an exclusive 30-business class seats, now I’m eager to try it!